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Education Process

System of Education

Fire engineering is a field which explores the various possibilities of preventing fires. It can be defined as the art and science of designing buildings and facilities for life safety and property protection in the event of an unwanted fire. This includes the application of scientific and engineering principles, based on an understanding of the phenomena and effects of fire and of reaction and behaviour of people, property and the environment as well as the impact of fire protection systems including detection, alarm and sprinkler systems . Fire Engineering is becoming world's one of the noblest profession by virtue of its growing role in saving life and property.

IFE is the professional discipline that uses a formal set of procedures and engineering methods in support of existing or planned performance based national fire safety requirements world wide. In addition to these purely performance based requirements, it is becoming very common for fire engineering to supplement prescriptive requirements by being applied to specific design aspects of a project.


Class Room with all the modern facilities like LCD, Over Head Projector, All basic classroom infrastructure, Practical Ground & Equipments, etc.


  • 1. Fire Detection System
  • 2. Sprinkler System
  • 3. Hydrant System
  • 4. Hose & Hose Reel system
  • 5. P.A. System
  • 6. Pumps
  • 7. B A Sets
  • 8. Fire Tenders
  • 9. Fire Suits
  • 10. All types & capacities of Extinguishers
  • 11. Ladders
  • 12. Stretchers
  • 13. Rescue Tools
  • 14. All types of Small Gears

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